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Board of Directors

David Milholland, founder of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission and Peace Corps Volunteer, Guatemala 1968-70.
Romelia en Columbia

Sister Romelia Chacun Murgia, 2nd Assistant and Secretary General of the General Council of Siervas del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y de los Pobres (Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor), world-wide order of 672 nuns, 54 schools, 4 hospitals, and 10 seminaries. Sister Rome served many years in Guatemala and is now at the Mother House in Mexico.
Co-Founders Eulalia Paiz and Don Livingston, in front of Temple of the Jaguar, Tikal. Eulalia is a medical student at Universidad Mesoamericana, Quetzaltenango, and spends a lot of her time coordinating in-country activities.
Mike McLeod retirement

Mike McLeod, Inter-American Development Bank, retired.

Kirk Lightfield, 20 years experience as an IT engineer, 7 years as a misisonary in Guatemala, currently in IT at the Guatemalan Bible Seminary.

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Collegiate Church Corp Approves $2,500 Grant


Having barely finished our web site, we emailed it on June 4th to Casey Kemper, E.V.P & C.O.O. of the Collegiate Church Corp., oldest Protestant Church (1624) and oldest corporation (1696) in the US, to see if their Benevolence Committee might consider a grant. He said their last meeting until October was in two days, and submit a proposal. Carol Adams, AVP, Corporatre Secretary & Administration for the Corporation, provided us with a list of documentation required for the application.

We quickly prepared a proposal, with lots of photos from the web site and required documentation. The application from the religious order in Guatemala had to be translated from Spanish to English by David Milholland in Portland, Or, fellow Group XI Guatemala Peace Corps Volunteer, whose computer died just as he was working on the translation. He rushed out to get it fixed.

After numerous calls to Guatemala and California to find a Quaker Clerk of Meeting, or treasuer, Martha Dugan of the Quakers in NY, in 15 minutes, wrote the committee a required letter agreeing to be the 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit that would accept the donation on behalf of Computers for Guatemala which is not yet a not-for-profit. The final, and very rough, proposal was submitted to the committee half way through their meeting.

THANK YOU CASEY, and CAROL ADAMS for getting the proposal into the agenda at the last minute, and KEN CHASE AND THE BENEVOLENCE COMMITTEE! Gracias Madre Chusita in Barillas for writing your application so quickly (two drafts), and struggling with a quirky fax machine, gracias to David for translating, and gracias to Martha for her quick work that saved the day! And gracias to Eric Madsen of FOG and Mike McLeod Group XI Peace Corps/Guatemala for offering to help! Next time, pues!


Don, The Benevolence Committee of the Collegiate Church was pleased to answer your request for support of the Computers for Guatemala Project. We are impressed by the deep need of the people of Guatemala and how you and your cohorts have responded in such a meaningful way. Our Committee looks for ways to have impact and it believes that the $2500 grant fills that objective. All the best, Casey.”

Casey Kemper,EVP/COO of the Collegiate Church Corp., commenting on their Benevolence Committee grant of $2,500.
Casey Kemper, EVP/COO of the Collegiate Church Corp.

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