Distributing Computers, October 2008

In early October, with only an hour’s notice, our container arrived at a warehouse in Chimaltenango, but Child Aid staff John Van Keppel and Kristen Anderson managed to have students ready to unload the container. In the container were 165 computer systems, 6 laptops, Internet hardware, keyboard, TV, lumber for the recreation park, and bags of children’s clothing, toys, pogo stick and a telescope for Casa Shalom orphanage. The computers and monitors were packed with many thousands of stuffed animals and used clothing. Kristen did an amazing job of organizing everything so each organization’s allotment was ready when they came to pick up. John called the process of organizing the process like “trying to herd cats.” We are greatful to Child Aid, and their staff both in the US and in Guatemala, for allowing us to use their warehouse and for so graciously and efficiently distributing the contents of our cointainer. We would not have been able to ship the container without knowing we had their warehouse and help with the distribution.

Huehue truck








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