Peace Corps Volunteer Laura Kutner’s community center kids.

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Gulam Shroff (left) and Hari Raghavan from Overseas Shipping and Logistics Inc. have exported two containers for us.

Larry Pender and Mohamed, from New York University Assest Management, have donated many computers, monitors and printers.


Impact Computers, a company that sells computer parts, with offices in Miami and Guatemala, has very generously offered to send us batteries and fans for numerous laptops that need repair. VP David Salaues, from Bolivia, found us on the internet and called to see how he could help. David has also offered to contact Casa Shalom orphange in Guatemala, where many of these repaired laptops will go, to see how Impact Computers can help the orphanage. Gracias David! August 20, 2008

Contact Impact for your computer parts: www.impactcomputers.com

Cousin Dave Aldrich bringing computers from New York City to Darien on his way to Nahant, Ma

Barbara Gardner from Darien Book Aid selected books which we will ship with computers to Peace Corps Volunteer Laura Kutner in Granados, Guatemala for her library and computer/internet lab.

Darien Community Assn Thrift Shop
Grace (left) and Phyllis from the DCA Thrift Shop continue to give us bags of good used clothing almost every weekend. This weekend they were cleaning our merchandise and we got about 3000 pieces of clothing. Many thanks, again, Grace and Phyllis, and all the other volunteers there.

Another donation from New York University, this one from the law school, coordinated with the help of Brian Yulke (shown here) of the law school IT department and Larry Pender of NYU’s Asset Management. Included in this donation were lots of spare hard drives and RAM’s to fix other computers.

Martin Skala has offered a lot of much needed advice, especially in the field of public relations. And his daughter Libby donated a laptop, May 25, 2008 Thanks Martin.

Bob Mazza, owner of the Sugar Bowl Luncheonette in Darien, really got us started by posting a sign in his window advertising for computers to donate to Guatemala. Everybody in town stops in at the Sugar Bowl, and a lot of donations resulted from this sign. Thanks Bob!

Claudia and Las Tailor and their son Kirk from Darien Computer have donated hard drives, spare parts, a laptop and much advice on how to fix computers.
Christoph Hanau repairing computers, with Doug Bell watching. Christoph, Darien resident and seventh and eighth grade math teacher in the Stamford public schools, always seems to know exactly when help is needed, and he steps in with “new energy.” Christoph went through a pile of about 25 computers, fixing those he could and deciding which were not worth fixing.
Cory Visi (left) and Frank Jones, principals of GC InfoTech in Stamford, ask their clients to donate computers to us when they upgrade, and have already donated numerous computers. Cory is active in scouting in Darien and referred scout David Morgan to us. David, only 15 and a candidate for Eagle Scout, generously spent a lot of time fixing computers, teaching how to fix computers, organizing the garage, and most important, is redoing the web site. David is smart, nice and a hard worker, a unique combination! Thanks Frank and Cory for your enthuasiastic support!


Ed Tyler picking up monitors from the Noroton Presbyterian Church and bringing them to Nearwater Lane for packing. Thanks Ed!
We appreciate Doug making a midnight trip from Queens to pick up this slide in Manhattan and deliver it to Ct, but did he really have to be the first to try it out?

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